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New role in Holby City - Joseph Millson: little bit clooney, little bit basil brush
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Joseph Millson LJ Community
Mon, Sep. 26th, 2011 07:46 pm
New role in Holby City

At last there is news about Joseph's new role in Holby City, which he started filming last month. ATV Today have posted some details. Look out for his first episode in early November. 

Joseph Millson is to join the cast of BBC One's medical saga Holby City as new regular character, Trauma Registrar Luc Hemingway. Joseph has already started filming with the team at the BBC Elstree Centre and will be seen on screen from November 2011.

Joseph says: “I'm having a ball. Luc is a terrific part - he winds everybody up but doesn't have a clue he's doing it! I'm enjoying working with the Holby gang and hope the fans accept Luc into their front rooms.”

Joseph has previously appeared in Survivors, Sarah Jane Adventures, Peak Practice, and was most recently seen as Matt Beer in Channel 4 comedy Campus. Joseph has also appeared in numerous productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company and The National, as well as Love Never Dies.

Holby City’s, executive producer, Johnathan Young adds: “We’re delighted to have Joseph on board as our new Registrar. Luc is an enigmatic stranger whose diagnostic genius and acerbic wit make him a brilliant doctor but an occasionally infuriating colleague. Joseph's created an intriguing, complex and riveting character who will most definitely bring a new dimension to the AAU ward.”

Luc is parachuted onto the AAU ward by Hanssen, who has spotted the potential in him as a top class doctor, but his arrival causes concern for Eddi (Sarah Jane Potts). After an embarrassing first encounter with him puts her on the defensive, Eddi is left determined to get the initiative back at the outset of an evidently chalk-and-cheese working relationship.

Longtime Joseph fans will know that he previously made a guest appearance in a 2002 episode of Holby City.