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Whats's On Stage Awards: videos - Joseph Millson: little bit clooney, little bit basil brush
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Joseph Millson LJ Community
Wed, Feb. 23rd, 2011 08:36 pm
Whats's On Stage Awards: videos

Reelkandi.tv shared this photo of Joseph being interviewed after his fantastic win at last night's What's On Stage Awards.

The What's On Stage website has a video uploaded, of the awards highlights, where Joseph can be seen a couple of times, and is briefly interviewed. 

Wire Image have a couple of gorgeous photos of Joseph on the website from this evening at the What's On Stage awards. The WOS website has several more of Joseph taken by Dan Wooller in the press room, with his award! They are available to buy from Wooller.com or WOS. 

The Stage and Broadway.com commented on Joseph's brilliant speech, which apparently also mentioned Darcylicious!

Joseph Millson won Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for their performances in Love Never Dies. Millson said: “I am not very political but, with March coming up, I would like to say, wherever you live, support your local theatre.” Stage

Joseph Millson, winning best supporting actor in a musical for Raoul in Love Never Dies, praised the hardworking ensemble seeing as they have been "in rehearsal for ten months" Broadway.com

The What's On Stage website has uploaded videos of all the acceptance speeches from the awards last Sunday. Joseph's speech is in the Act 2 video - if you listen carefully, Joseph thanks Darcylicious! A totally unexpected, but delightful surprise.

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