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Holby City: 1st episode tonight 8pm BBC 1 - Joseph Millson: little bit clooney, little bit basil brush
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Joseph Millson LJ Community
Tue, Nov. 8th, 2011 07:55 am
Holby City: 1st episode tonight 8pm BBC 1

The Mirror website has added details of the storyline for Joseph's first appearance as Luc Hemingway on Holby City. It will broadcast tonight (in most places) at 8pm on BBC1. 

EDDI makes the classic mistake this week of assuming a strange bloke she bumps into on the hospital roof is a patient. In fact, Luc Hemingway, played by Joseph Millson, turns out to be the new registrar. But you can sort of understand Eddi’s error because, unlike some of the other staff at Holby, Luc’s main priority isn’t 

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