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Mourning Rules short film - Joseph Millson: little bit clooney, little bit basil brush
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Joseph Millson LJ Community
Sun, Jul. 15th, 2012 10:18 pm
Mourning Rules short film

Dan Castell's wonderful short film Mourning Rules with Joseph, Olivia Poulet and Montserrat Lombard has been entered into the Virgin Media Shorts competition. It needs your help to promote it between now and July 19th and get it seen in cinemas around the country. 

Between now and July 19th (at midday), we'll be counting how many shares each film gets and the one that's shared the most in that week will hit the shortlist. Every time you "like" a film, tweet it (with #ShortsLucky13 AND the full name of the film) or 'share' it on the film's page, you'll be racking up points for that entry. The film with the most points nabs the spot! So film makers, get promoting!

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